Touch (Kosketus) 1

22.9.2023 at 16:00 – 16:20

The performance piece is created by Veera Wahlroos and Jani Luoma, and its first version will be performed at Uniarts Fest. The performance deals with physical intimacy in a relationship between friends – i.e. platonic love – through physical gestures and touch. It is not only about drawing boundaries or discovering border areas but also about enjoying nice vibes. Oona Pennanen has assisted in the creative process of the performance piece.

Keywords: touch, consent, friendship, platonic love, haptic pleasure, being under a gaze, limits of the audience and the performance

In the performance, two bodies move in the space according to a choreography that consists of a series of movements involving touch. The performance is not participatory. The performers move in the space and touch each other by using both consent-based choreography and improvisation. There is no clearly fixed performance area separating the audience from the performers. This means that audience members may move through the performance area and the performers may extend their presence over to the audience. The performance begins on stage and then moves through the audience.